Mama's Girl

The evening of my birthday, my daughter came home crying because she'd had a bike accident ending in this:

Two busted teeth, a banged up chin, a scraped up knee, and a twisted left thumb and forefinger. Poor baby girl! I called her dad who called his wife who is a dental assistant in NY and called the emergency line for the dentist. The following day, she ended up at the endodontist because the dentist didn't have the tools to do a root canal on the front teeth. The endodontist could only do a partial root canal which he called a pulpectomy as her roots need to grow more before they finish the root canal. The other tooth (#9) will need a root canal some time in the future as well, but not now. Her #8 which was fractured in half and had the pulpectomy will have a full root canal in 6 months or a year once the root if fully established.

Gabby was a TOTAL trooper! I couldn't be more proud of her resilience and nonchalance in the midst of all of this. Once she got passed the initial pain and trauma, she didn't complain a bit. This was her first time with novocaine, too, and she handled that without a tear or a wimper. She merely gripped my hand and squeezed. I was fascinated with the whole process as I had the best seat other than the endodontist (who is the same guy who did my first root canal last year).  She had a minor meltdown in between the endodontist visit and getting home after I told her that because her mouth was numb, she had to wait to eat unless she wanted me to make her a smoothie which she could drink through a straw. She was hungry, numb in the face which was making her nose itch, a little cranky and ready to cry. "Since I can't eat, can I at least cry?", she asked with tears in her voice. I told her she was free to cry as much as she'd like, but she got a couple little sobs out before we got home and she was done with that.

My mom wanted to go shopping and Gabby had to go with us which she wasn't super-thrilled with. She did say that she wanted a dress, though, and could I look at it with her. She showed me the one she wanted which is a little too dress up for wearing around or to school or what have you. As my mom tried on some tops, we were in the junior section by all the party dresses. Gabby asked if she could try one on. One turned into many and we finished our day with a fashion show. My little girl who is about 4'8" inches tall and a mere 8 years old was trying on size 1 in Juniors. And we had a BLAST playing dress up in the store!:

While I am not ready for my little girl to be all grown up, I do love to enjoy these little adventures with her. As we walked to the car after our dress up, she slid her little hand into mine and talked about which dresses we liked the best. There's not much better than finding your happy right where you are!


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