Oh, yeah! It's back and it's back in full-force. I don' wanna...ANYTHING! At least not anything that I need to be exercising in the morning and completing these reports that I should have been doing all week and one is due today. This is what happens to me in the winter. It's the winter blahs (a.k.a. Seasonal Affective Dissorder-SAD). At night, around 6:30-7 PM, I would like to go to bed. Not necessarily because I am tired, I just don't see a reason to stay awake unless I have my kids. I don't, though. I stay up until 11 or whatever and then the morning alarm goes off telling me to get up. I DON' WANNA. So, I snooze it. Then, I talk myself into or out of getting up to exercise.

I used to be more diligent about exercise even just a few weeks ago. Now, it seems to have become negotiable. It shouldn't be. I am not going to meet my 2011 goals with it being negotiable. The scale is going to do exactly what it is doing now--not budging--if it remains negotiable. I have set my plan to meet the weight goal that I missed at the end of 2010 to be achieved by the end of this month. It's attainable, but not if I keep blowing off exercise. PLUS, exercise will help to push back against the SAD effects. On top of that, I have a goal to reach my pre-children weight for May 30, 2010.

So, I need to change my I DON' WANNA around to being I DON' WANNA miss another goal. I DON' WANNA stop doing what I have been doing to turn things around in my life. I DON' WANNA ever give up this fight, the good fight. Because, in the end, I DON' WANNA let myself down. That's the one thing I have control over...the choices I make!


  1. I've been taking lotsa vitamin D. Don't know that it is helping, but...we shall see. Hugs! I know you won't let yourself down :-D

  2. Yeah. Been taking that, too...2000IUs daily of the D3, plus a daily vitamin.


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