California Dreamin'

About this time of year, I get tired of living where I live. It's not the only time it happens, but winter gets me more in the mood than any other time of the year to not live where the snow is. This morning, as I was partially awake, I was imagining that I was in San Diego again. I was standing in front of the Westin in an ever-so-cute walking around dress in a nice green which I am SURE was inspired by this cute trench coat I saw in the Redbook magazine I just got in the mail--love that trench coat! Anyway, I was heading over to Horton Plaza which is such a nice outdoor mall. Then, I started thinking of the places I walked during my visit when I did stay at the Westin and visit the Plaza. I walked down to the new convention center, could see Seaport Village and the Queen Mary, walked up to the Gaslamp Quarter and then back to my hotel looking at all the new lofts and other living quarters that had popped up since I lived there over 9 years before that visit.

When I went back to San Diego in 2008, it was a short day-trip where I took my parents on a tour of my life back when I lived there. I took them into the city and drove by Seaport Village, over toward Lindberg Field, past the Gaslamp Quarter and Horton Plaza, down to Coronado where I drove them to both gates of NAS North Island where I was stationed, took them by the places we'd hang out on the Island, down the Silver Strand to Imperial Beach where we first lived. Up the I-5 to Old Town where I LOVED to go for walking around and having some fantastic Mexican food on open-air patios. We lived in La Mesa, my aunt and uncle were in Santee, and we also lived in Spring Valley. I love the area to the east where its rolling hills. Bonita was where I had hoped to move, but my ex got out of the Navy just before we would have gotten into base housing there. Don't get me wrong, I love the ocean and the beach, but I always gravitate to the mountains. If I could get both at once, I so would be all for it!!

We also had lunch in Normal Heights which is a really cool area. My friend, Chris, was the executive chef at a new place there. My favorite Thai restaurant was just down the road from there. I wish I'd taken my parents to Balboa Park, too, but I didn't. There wasn't enough time to do all the things I would have liked, so I definitely need to go back there again soon. The thing of it is, I want to go with someone so I can take them to all these great places and share old memories and create new memories. San Diego is definitely my happy place. I was looking at houses this morning...ya know, for when I win the lottery...and I found this beautiful Craftsman home that I love. I showed it to my son and he was digging it, too. Since he likes to fish, being anywhere near water is where he wants to be. And being near water where he can fish year-round makes it even more appealing! Here's my current dream home. It's lovely. Wish it had a pool, too, but it'll work for now! I also found some lovely homes with an acre or so of property for about the same price in Bonita. SIGH! Dreams!

My son told me to save my money so we can get a place out there. I told him I'll get right on it :) I even looked at jobs in San Diego this morning. There are lots of options there. Then, I looked at job options around here...notsomuch! UGH! I know the whole lottery thing is a pipedream, but I figure that if I won the lottery I can take my mom with me to watch the kids still and get my ex to follow so the kids can still be near him and not have to fight over them. Plus, with him not wanting to be too far from his family who live in NY, having a bunch of excess money means he can fly home to see them as needed. And, I can give our house here to my dad so he can have a place to live and he can have his boys there if he wants. I did check my lottery tickets (one from last month and one from last week) and neither had a single number match on it--per usual! So, just another reminder that I am going to have to find another way to make my millions! Back to work I go! LOL!

When I lived in San Diego, I used to always say that in 20 minutes I can get to whatever I want...the ocean, the mountains or the desert...and it's true! Here's a view of the city, the ocean and the mountains from one of my favorite areas, Point Loma. From my hangar on base or out on the flight line, I could see Point Loma and the bougainvillea and I always wanted to live there and look at the base instead. Plus, there's a awesome tidepools at the Cabrillo National Monument Park and you can hike on trail and across the tidepools! LOVE IT!

Next year is my 40th birthday. I am thinking that going to Camp Pendelton for the O-course race and kicking off fleet week there would be an awesome present to myself. I thought about doing that this year, but so far that's not looking like it's going to happen due to current work challenges. Though, one never can tell what tomorrow will bring!


  1. :-) Gosh! It's been a LOT of years since I was in San Diego. Two business trips most of which were spent with business. But, I am amazed at how many of the places you mentioned for which I remembered the names or could say I went there. I really liked Horton Plaza. :-D Keep that dream alive! You deserve it.

  2. Oh, I will! My boy wants to go, my little girl needs a little convincing, but once she's visited I think I can get her to come around. My big boy was born there, so who knows...he may want to find himself home again, too! Plus, my brother and sister are in the OC which means I'll be near them and my niece and whatever my brother and his wife deliver come August! Ya never know where your path will take you! My friend Chris said he'd cook for me every day and would love to get to know the kids--even taking my boy fishing and to get lobster!! I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS!!


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