My Competitive Nature is OUT!

I know, right?! Whoda thunk it?! Ok, yes, I am competitive and always have been. That's not where the surprise in the statement lies. Where the surprise is, is that through participating in these events, I have unleashed my desire to compete. When I did my first 5k, I thought for sure I was the last person to finish. Well, there were 5 others who finished after me. Today, there were lots of people who finished after me. It felt good. It felt good to not rest when my body felt that I should. It felt good to push through. While it's nice to not finish last, I don't care how many people finish behind me or in front of me...ok, I do a little, but that's not what drives me.

What drives me is pushing myself past my give up or give in points. Sometimes, it's as simple as talking myself into exercising during the week when I feel tired, sore, or spent. I tell myself that I did it last week, I can do it this week. I remind myself how good it feels when I am done...and it does feel good. Actually, it feels AMAZING!! So, yesterday, I woke with a really bad sore throat. The day before I didn't sleep at all and ended up with a cough. The head cold was now in my chest. Not a good thing just before I have an event. Last night, before bed, I prayed. "Dear God, I have been waiting for this event for weeks. I have been talking about it on Facebook. I have been doing the Step to get ready for it. Please let me be better by morning so I don't miss this." And, God came through. I woke up with no sore throat. It was still in my head, though, but I knew a Sudafed would address that--with a lot of water.

I got dressed and headed out to the Tower. I had throat lozenges and gum and my water to keep my throat lubricated throughout the climb. I was ready. I got my shirt--and I have to admit I was disappointed when I saw it was a short-sleeved T and not a long-sleeved one--a size M and my race number--551. I brought the shirt and my cold-weather running top down to the car and waited for my cousin and her hubby to arrive. When I texted them, she told me she wasn't going to do it. I was already lined up for the run at this point and she wished me well. I was off! I met up with them after I finished the climb. Her hubby was doing the run. I also bumped into a couple of guys I used to work with and it was nice seeing them. My buddy, Dave, said, "Wow! Look at you all fit and trim!" Well thank you very much, my dear friend ;o) When I got to the 34th floor where I thought the climb was supposed to end and it didn't, I have to admit I was not happy! Four more flights later, I got to this sign signifying my completion:

I am excited for what's next. I am thinking that I want to do the St. Malachi's 2-mile on March 12. I could do the 5 mile, but I think I want my daughter to run it with me. So, once I know if she'll do it with me, I will get signed up. And, yes, I do have to admit that part of the reason I want to do this one in particular is that they FOR SURE have long-sleeved T's! Says so right on the site!



  1. WTG! :-D I like the idea of a mother-daughter marathon team too. You will create memories for her that she will treasure forever.


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