Every Other Week(end)

My roommate from the Navy sent me a message on Facebook the other day. Even knowing how I feel about my ex (I no longer love him) and about divorce (I think you should do whatever it takes to make your marriage work, but there are real reasons for it) and considering she doesn't believe that I should still be with him, she said that when she hears this song, she thinks of me. She explained it's more because of how she remembers us being than what the song represents.

Today, I get my kids back for my week with them. I get them every other week for a full week. It's the best time--having them with me. I feel blessed to have this time with them. It's not the same as it was before when I could be with them full-time, but the quality of time we have together now is so much better. Last night I was texting with their dad. He was talking about his regrets. I encouraged him to move on. While what happened hurt us all, there has been healing. It has taken time. It has taken work. It has been hard. It has lead to happy for all of us and each of us in our own way. It's not easy by any means, but it's worth it.


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