I'm Still Here, Head Over Heels

My son had been asking me what had happened to some of the DVDs we used to watch. I got most of the DVDs in the divorce. Somehow, though, a few that we loved didn't make the journey or must have been tossed out somewhere along the way. Last week, I found a few of the ones he'd been asking me for and ordered them. The first one arrived today and my little guy was so excited. I was supposed to be watching Glee with my daughter, but I had already watched it so I slunk quietly off and joined my boy in my room to watch Treasure Planet. I still love that movie and the main character Jim's theme song by the Goo Goo Dolls called, I'm Still Here. The song and Jim reminded me of my SAM. Sometimes we have to go far away to find something that has been right here all the time.

I pulled out the one and only thing I have from my SAM, a card he'd left me soon after we started talking. As I took out the lavender envelope and read the funny things on the outside, a smile spread across my face and warmed me from the inside. I took out the card which is still so familiar to me. I read it all over again. The first time I had read it, there was a quote inside that I knew was from something--after all, it was in quotes--but I had forgotten to look it up. It was months later, after my SAM was already overseas before I realized what it was from. And when I figured it out, my heart melted and my eyes filled with tears. Happy tears. It was a quote from this song, Head Over Heels, by my favorite band, Rascal Flatts. Proof that he was paying attention and not just asking me questions without reason.

xoxox, SAM! Be safe. Be well. I love you!!


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