Precious Moments

Her little hands stretched across the bed poking out from under the covers where she lay cocooned, the sparkling nail polish she'd chosen just days before looking so dark against her snow-white skin. Her fingers felt my forearm though she was still asleep and wrapped lightly around it. It was such a small gesture, but it brought a smile to my face being just newly awake myself. It was much better than the slap to the face I sometimes get as she curls up behind me and reaches to hold me as she falls asleep.

Lately, when I have my kids with me, my daughter likes to sleep in my room with me. At first I protested, but then I relented. I sometimes want to read in bed or want to stretch across the whole thing or I don't want to have someone taking my covers, hitting me in the face or kicking me in the kidneys. Not sleeping as well as I could is a small price to pay in order to have these precious moments together. On Sunday morning, my son came bounding down the stairs and then into my room. He climbed into bed next to his 'sis' and jostled her awake to tell her he loved her as he snuggled in. She, not caring for precious moments that include being awakened so early on a Sunday morning, told him to "get off" and rolled closer to me taking the covers with her. While I can relate to her response and have been that way myself in the past, now I smile and enjoy these moments.

We had a wonderful weekend together. For once, my daughter's BFF was gone for the weekend so I got to be the BFF instead. I took the kids shopping and while I went in to just get some shoes for my girl, they both ended up with watches and some clothes, too. I am a sucker for them! Then, it was girl time since my son headed outside per usual! We played LIFE (which, BTW, I hate because it takes FOREVER, but I retired a millionaire and beat her so it was worth it ;O)--what?! I like to win :0), watched movies, snuggled, laughed, made dinner and just enjoyed each other...and that was just Saturday. On Sunday, my mom came over to go to church with us. After church, I took the kids to Arabica for lunch and then home again where they talked me into taking them to the movies. We decided to see Green Hornet. It was a good movie, but way more swearing than was necessary in my opinion, but I should have expected such from Seth Rogan. I had bolognese sauce simmering so we could have it over raviolis when we got home. It made for the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend. Plus, my son got to bring a friend of his to the movies and play with him all afternoon and evening which was a nice change!

I look forward to the rest of the week with my babies. Life is so much better when you let go of the little things and enjoy each of the moments as they come, precious as they are!


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