Home, Sweet Home!

When I thought I was moving out, I packed a bunch of stuff. When I learned I was going to stay and sign an extended lease, I negotiated to have my carpets cleaned and tiles replaced. I also decided I was going to paint. In order to get ready for the carpet cleaning, I emptied every room except for the platform bed in my bedroom because it is wicked-heavy. So, when I put the rooms back together, I changed it up. I also moved the TVs into the kids' room. This way, they stay out of my bedroom and the living room can be for quieter activities. They loved the idea! Here's what it looks like now:

 Gabby's room
 Boys' room/Loft
 Dining room/Kitchen
 Living Room 
Living Room 

You can see where I started to paint. The paint color is called Haze by Behr, but I haven't finished yet. I don't know if I am going to do the walls that are part of the cathedral ceiling so I stopped before I got too far into it. Today, they did the tile work and it's a darker real-tile looking linoleum square. I LOVE IT! It really works well with my paint color and the stuff I have in my house. Now, my house really feels like a HOME! I am so excited to have it be a little retreat again. 

My mom was remarking the other day that I didn't let her help me do anything when I moved in the last time. And this time, other than sharing what I did and listening to what she and ML thought about where they'd like to see me do some de-cluttering, I didn't let them dictate how I did things. I want this to be my home. A home for the kids and me and not someone else's envisioning of their perfect sanctuary. This is for me and about me. It is a place I share with my kids. A place to call home. A sanctuary. A place of respite and happy memories. 

I look forward to creating all sorts of new memories in our home, sweet home!


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