Wait for It

Waiting. UGH! Totally not one of my strong suits. I am a woman of action. I am a doer. I had a former boss who used to say, "It's not going to happen by itself. You have to make it happen." Now, that is a plan I could get with. One that makes sense to me. One that I LIVE!

But there is another voice that tells me to "wait". That the best is coming. That there are some things I won't or can't do on my own. It is something more than I can ask or imagine. And it is worth waiting for. Love. Real love. Perfect love. 

It is given freely. Available to all. Waiting. Expectant. Until it becomes irresistible. Until HE becomes irresistible. 

He initiates. Pursues. Woos. Captivates the heart. Who would think it possible? In this world? Right where we are? Hoping. Wanting. Needing. Expecting, even. And then, there it is. An answer. A revelation. A heart broken into. Walls broken through. The lies repealed. The Truth revealed. All is as it was supposed to be. I am His. 

His bride. 

He is mine.

My forever.

Learning this. Knowing Him. Being known by Him. It was all worth the wait. 

His love is patient. His love is kind. It always protects. Always trusts and can be trusted. It always hopes and gives hope beyond what we could ask or imagine. It perseveres even when we or our love fall short. His love never fails. His love, a Perfect Love, will be the only thing that remains when this world passes away. When He brings heaven down to earth and makes all things new. 

He is doing new things in me. For me. It is a time that I didn't get ahead. It is a time that I waited to see what He was doing. Where He was leading me. I saw my former ways and where I had gone in my own will and determination. I see all that He has given me and how He has even used the bad choices and my willful ways to bring about good things. 

It is not easy for me to lay things down. To lay ME down. To choose His way. His perfect way which remolds me as He sees best, but even through the fire, the storm, and the difficulties...He is always the same. Never failing. Constant. 

He is worth waiting for and I trust that His way, His purpose, His plan, and His time are right and best. Sometimes, I forget this. And I know that I will continue to have days or seasons where I wrestle with His way over my own, but today I continue to choose to follow and to live this: "Wait on the LORD. Be courageous, and he will strengthen your heart. Wait on the LORD!" (Psalm 27:14, ISV).


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