Learn it! Live it! Love it!

It's a journey. Along the journey, there are three steps we all must take:

1. Learn it!
2. Live it!
3. Love it!

What the "it" is for any one of us varies throughout the journey. And, in the end, if you don't love it, chuck it! Throw away, discard, move on from the things in this life that you don't need. Let go of those things that don't belong and that suck you in and pull you down. It could be people or a job or circumstances.

Learn what it is that you want. Learn what makes you happy. Learn what makes you sad. Learn what holds you back. Learn what you are afraid of. Learn about yourself. Learn to love yourself. Learn to love others. Learn what's important. Learn what's not. Never stop learning.

Once you have learned these things about yourself and others, you have to live it every day. Live in the belief of who you are and do the things you love. Avoid the things you hate and find ways around and through those things you cannot change. Living is not easy or fair, but it is still good. Why? Because it's everything YOU made it to be in living it; choosing that path for your life. If you don't like it, learn something new to change that and LIVE THAT!

Love it, my friends. Whatever it is. Choose it and love it for all that it is or isn't. If you have to live it, you have to find ways to love it. If you can't, then it doesn't belong and something new needs to replace it. So, learn that something new, live that new truth and find that love for whatever your "IT" is.

Never give up on this life or loving it regardless of the circumstances you may find yourself in. There is always a way up and through and over and out. BELIEVE!


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