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I am a very definable and definitive personality type. If you've met me, you'll know where I belong. I remember doing a profile for each of my 14 Help Desk Analysts to see which personality types were most well-suited to such a line of work. For the most part, my analysts were "helper" personality types. I had a cheerleader and an investigator as well. Me? I am the Challenger/Leader personality type. When I take the tests to determine this, no other type holds a candle to my Type 8 scores, though I do have a Type 9 wing which means my personality type is called "the bear" in such a combo. It means that I am tender-hearted as well as challenging.

When I started dating, I tried Dr. Fisher has 4 types and pairs them with a type and subtype of those 4 areas. Here is my profile which I felt was very accurate.

Heather, your personality type is: Director / Builder
You are made up of:
• Negotiator 24%
• Explorer 23%
• Director 27%
• Builder 25%

About your personality
You are an independent thinker who builds theories and approaches problems with an analytical, exacting, systematic and resourceful mind. And with your persistence, logic and determination, you tend to find innovative solutions to complex problems. You are particularly good with technical problems, those of mechanics, engineering, math, medicine, accounting, music or other "rule based" systems.
Although you enjoy being part of a stable, secure social network, you easily spend time alone, pursuing your own projects and goals at your own speed, according to your own rules. You can focus your attention to the exclusion of all around you. And you have a deep sense of autonomy.
You are a private person; you contain your emotions. You are also calm, efficient, quick to make decisions and remarkably self-disciplined. Yet you have a traditional, even sentimental streak. Family is important to you and you can be very protective of those you love.

With Director as your primary type, you can be:
• Decisive
• Competitive
• Focused
• Self disciplined
• Analytical
• Independent
• Logical

For the above, all are words I have used and do use to describe myself.

With Builder as your secondary type, you can be:
• Traditional
• Patient*
• Social*
• Community Oriented*
• Loyal*
• Orderly*
• Dependable*

For the above, I have put a * by those I most associate with; for "orderly" it's really more that I am sequential--things have a place or order for me.

Things to be aware of
1. You are susceptible to intense anger when you feel hurt, disappointed or frustrated.
2. Your ambition can lead to workaholism.
3. You can be impatient with chit chat and routine social engagements.

1 & 3 are very true; 2--notsomuch! Love my job and what I do, but it's just a job!

Relating to others
Because you are ambitious, tough-minded and hardworking, your close friends admire you. In return, you can be fiercely loyal and protective of all those you love. Yet your complex personality is often hidden behind a wall of composure and logic.

In love and relationships
As a Director you admire and collect knowledge; so you want a partner with whom you can have focused, educated, and often theoretical discussions on intellectual topics-a mind mate. You are direct and tough-minded, too. So you are attracted to someone who can complement you-someone who is verbally graceful, who weighs alternatives carefully and listens actively, and has well-honed social skills. Because you contain your emotions, you also gravitate to a mate who is warm and emotionally expressive. Yet you do not like people who engage in public displays of emotion, showing lack of self-containment. Because you have difficulty tolerating controlling people, you need a mate who is flexible, even indecisive. You particularly admire a partner who is self-sufficient. And you like a mate who is eager to help you make a stable home and maintain your public, business, and social ties.

More about Director / Builder
• Albert Einstein
• Hillary Clinton
• Bill Gates
• Nicole Kidman

Words Director use (unconsciously) to describe themselves
• debate
• intellectual
• challenge/challenging
• intelligent/intelligence
• geek
• real
• driven
• politics
• ambition/ambitious
• nerd/nerdy

Words Builder use (unconsciously) to describe themselves
• moral/morals
• values
• honesty
• family
• trust
• loving
• respect
• trustworthy
• caring
• loyal

Overall, this profile describes me well. I think it's important to understand who we are and what drives us, what engages us, what connects us and what that means when we interact with others. My personality type is not always well-received because of the directness with which I like to interact. At the same time, I need to be cognizant of how others wish to be interacted with and what they need for their temperament or personality. Everyone talks about the "Golden Rule", but I much prefer the "Platinum Rule"..."Treat others how THEY want to be treated." And that starts with getting to know them and what they need. For me, cut the chit chat and get to the point. It will save us both time and aggravation!


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