Dear SAM

I have to admit that when I went to email you today to see if you were still alive and it bounced back, I was surprised at first. Then, I was hurt. You couldn't just say good-bye?! You couldn't just say this was too hard for you?! I thought I would deserve more than the disappearing act. I thought we had a deal about being real and being honest. And, yes, now I am pissed on top of being hurt. Oh, well. You just join the crowd of everyone else who says one thing and means another. Lies abound. Secrets keep. Life goes on.

Stay safe. Stay well. Know you were an important part of my life...if only for the short while you chose to be.


  1. Unfortunately, circumstances can definitely be out of ones control especially in ways that can never fully be explained.

  2. At least you're still here in some way...I thought you'd fallen off the grid!


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