Being Used SUCKS!

Yeah, newsflash, right?! Like anyone wants to be used. Like anyone goes out there with the intention of being used. I dunno. Maybe some people do. It's a sure thing that some people go out with an intention to use people. I know not everyone had malicious intent, but when you seek someone out to "fulfill a need", you use people. I wish more people were just up front about things. Like, "Hey, I think you're really cool. Want to hang out?" And leave it there. Not everything has to be a budding romance. If you're not feeling it, this is one area not to fake it till you make it.

Doesn't anyone care that this is someone else's heart you're playing with?! My heart?! F*ck! Seriously. Do I wear a sign that says, "Nice girl. Fun. Smart, yet naive. Enjoy!"? Honestly, I am happy to be a friend. I have LOTS of guy friends. I enjoy my guy friends.

Today marks 20 months since I last had sex. And, yes, that was with my now ex-husband and it is by choice. With my latest choice of men, it almost happened. I am thankful it didn't work out, though. I have waited this long to be with someone who is deserving of all I have to offer and this one turned out not to be. Everything truly does happen for a reason and I suppose what I learned today explains the reason behind why I didn't share something so special and so intimate with someone who was not worthy of all it means to me.


  1. Sounds like Tuesday didn't treat you much better than Monday. I am sorry to read this. :-( Sounds like someone needs a good tripping and as always, I volunteer. Hugs. I am here if you need to talk.

  2. Yeah my Tuesday has caused me to retire before 10pm, to my empty bed, and my suffering heart. I guess it's hard knowing when it's worth it...right now, I just don't know. Even the nicest people can be over critical!! I know things will work out for the best, it's all in "his" plan. I'm sorry you suffered at my hands, I'll do my best to make it up to you....

  3. Thanks, Lo!
    And, passionate one, you are not to blame. You didn't make the choices...he did. And I blame no one. I don't think he had malicious intent. I just think he made a poor choice and wasn't honest. He disappointed me more than anything else because I thought he was better than the person he turned out to be.


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