I ain't missin' you at all!

Yeah, right! Go with that!

I would like to say that I am the kind of person that just moves on. The kind that doesn't care enough or pay enough attention to miss the simple little things. Well, that's not me. I miss little things and big things alike. It's like the song says, "I can lie to myself", but what's the point? I know what I feel. I know what I miss. I know why I miss it. There's something in you that has never been in anyone else and I want that again. I want to believe that it can exist again since you are a ghost in my past now.

Sometimes I send an email to your old address because I want to pretend that you'll get it. That you'll know that I am thinking about you. That you'll know you are forever in my heart. When it bounces back and tells me the address no longer exists, I remember you are a ghost. I wonder if you're alright. I wonder if you're happy now. I wonder if you miss me, too. I wonder if you're out there under this same big sky wishing on the airplanes in the night sky... And, in the end, I remember that you see me for me and love me just the same. And so it goes...


  1. I don't think ghosts are real, I think people hide for reasons...or people hide their lives for reasons as to not hurt others!! There's no stars above me right now...just the start of another day

  2. I believe in not hiding. Hurt comes regardless. I would rather live out loud and fully and bear the challenges of what comes with it!


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