The Woman Before Me

I wish I could apologize for any of the women before me who hurt you, made you feel unworthy, or not enough; for any woman who broke your spirit. Whatever that terrible combination was for you and what it did to your heart was not my doing, though. Each of us has past hurts and pains. Each of us does the best we can to get through them, to get past them. I can't change what happened to you before me, but I can show you what I have for you now.

So, give me a chance. Give me the chance to show you who I am and how I care for you. Someday, let me show you how I can love you. I cannot undo what she did to you, but I will be the best me I know how to be and show you what you mean to me. It's really that simple. I am not her. She is not me. My love is not like hers. Hers is not like mine. My intent is not to hurt you. My intent is to take the time to see you for who you are and let you see me for who I am. To take each step and each moment just as they are and see where they lead us. This road is of our making and choosing. I hope that someday you choose to let go and allow yourself to be loved through my eyes and by my heart. Until then...


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