Farts are funny...and other things that make me laugh

Sometimes, I am like an 8 year-old boy. Really. It happens. Farts are funny...unless they smell so bad they make you gag and want to puke and you have to hang your head out the car gasping for air. Last night, I was watching TV as I was doing my push-ups and this Giant Eagle (grocery store) commercial came on. The guy kept saying "fresh meat" and I could NOT stop laughing. Seriously! I am 38 years old and act like a school boy sometimes. On my way to work this morning, I was listening to the Elvis Durand in the Morning show and laughing my butt off at the most childish thing. Right as I get to work, they say something about this show where they call this guy a "tea bag" and I can't stop laughing. REALLY?! Is it that funny? Well, that reminds me of SAM and two of his favorite expressions: douche bag and tool bag...which are also very funny in their own rights.

I even encourage the potty mentality with books like "Captain Underpants". That chapter book is kind of like a comic book in parts about these two school-age boys and their antics. And then there is "Zombie Butts from Uranus" and "The Day my Butt Went Psycho" which are two in a series of like-named books trying to appeal to the potty-humor of boys. Yeah, that's the kind of mom I am...proliferating the world with potty humor through my children and nephew. My daughter is a voracious reader and I was looking for books for her when I took a personal day earlier in the week. She's read most of the "Captain Underpants" books, I offered her the "butt" books, but she said that her cousin was more into those than she was, but could I find her "Dork Diaries"? Well, sure! Why not. She's already finished most of the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series books I got her for Christmas and her Cam Jansen mystery books.

This morning, one of my peers sent out a note saying says, "As a side question – does anyone know if the proper knot for a tie is a Full or Half Windsor? Hmm… ;-)" Our sales guy who has recently tendered his resignation, says that either is fine. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, I chime in to go with whatever he said since he's had "the most recent interview". This leads to all sorts of rambunctiousness within the office that we take into our smaller group of fun-loving folks and continue down the line of ripping on each other...a little passive aggressive, maybe...each other through said means. Really. This is what makes me happy. I was laughing all morning. We have accounts in Mexico and received a note telling us of the dangers lying in Mexico right now and warning us about conducting business there. I sent it to my sales guy who I travel with all the time because he's going to become the "owner" of our account relationships in Mexico and will be spending lots of time there. He asks me if I will go with him. I, of course, say yes because I love to travel and tell him I will be his bodyguard. He asks me if I will take a bullet for him. Heck yeah, I say, IF I am wearing a bullet-proof vest I'd be happy to! :)

I love to laugh. It feels good and makes me want more of it. Silly things can make me laugh, too. I suppose I am quirky like that. A little simple, a little childish, but always fun :) Life's too short not to find something to smile about! :)


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