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Maybe this will be a regular blog post...maybe not. I have all of these little pieces of things running in my head and need to just get them out. my haircut. Don't love it exactly, but it's cute enough. And, it goes well with my new, size smaller jeans ;) What I do know is that I like my hair longer and now I am all set to grow it back and not get it cut to this length again!

Saturday...Tackled the Tower and then was so energized afterwards that I still did my 100 push-ups, 100 crunches, and my arm workout which is comprised of 4 groups of 3 sets of 3 exercises for 15 reps each. That night, my only single girlfriend (ML) and I headed to the Q for the Cavs game. We'd gotten a ton of snow between the time I got back from downtown in the morning until it was time to leave. I had to drive super slow which I am not very good at. In fact, ML called me Mario Andretti which is a common name I am called by those who have the pleasure of me behind the wheel! I do have to say that I love my Subaru because it rocks in the snow...and it's cute, sporty and red which is why I bought it. Oh, and it has THE BEST seat warmers!!

Anyway, Cavs lost...25th in a row of losses...that is a record we don't need to keep breaking! Just sayin'! Here's a good shot of J.J. Hixson hanging off the hoop after his slam dunk!:

ML and I went to a local bar where we (I) were (was) going to do Karaoke, but then they turned on the fog machine and that idea was shot. We couldn't breathe and we went home after hacking up a lung. Since it was a snowapalooza in Cleveland, the side streets weren't plowed, but most main streets had been at this point including the highway. As I left her house after dropping her off, a car spun out on the highway and shot a tidalwave of snow toward me as I drove along the marginal road. As they'd cleared the roads while we were at the game, I could drive speed limit instead of the 40 MPH I'd been forced to in the thick snow heading into the city earlier in the evening.

Sunday...It happened again. Every time I turned on the radio, "Secrets" would come on. After I left the bar where I was watching the Super Bowl (where the Steelers LOST--just had to add that!!) with my cousins and some friends, it came on just as I was getting on the ramp to the highway. I just had to smile and shake my head. I wondered if my SAM was thinking about me a lot yesterday or if he needed prayers. So, I prayed.

I got confirmation from my daughter that she wants to run the St. Malachi's 2-miler with me. That's a little under 5 weeks away. She'll be back with me starting today so we'll get our training in with the Wii for now. Temps are going back down into the teens the next few days and this upper respiratory whatever it is is still kicking my butt!

When I went to bed last night, I thought I would fall right to sleep after such a busy and long day. It did not happen. I turned on the humidifier and popped a Benadryl to help me breathe and sleep. That worked. I slept a whole 8 hours...GLORIOUS! I did wake just before 4 AM to go pee since I had been drinking water all day and night, though. I had a crazy dream, too. My ex was in it, there was a car that flipped over, a building under construction, wandering around...I don't know what I was supposed to get out of the dream, but it was one that had a lingering effect for me. Little snippets of it still keep popping up. Weird.

Now, it's Monday. I weighed myself as I do every Monday. This Monday, the scale showed me that I had finally not only met the weight goal I had twice missed, but I surpassed it (so what if it was only by .8 lbs, I'll take it!). That means I weigh slightly less than I did at my lowest post-pregnancy weight. It also means that I am 19.2 lbs from my goal weight and how much I weighed at my best fitness level, healthiest and most comfortable in my own skin.

My ex and I were chatting Friday morning I think it was and he was asking how much I weighed. I almost told him none of his business, but it was a fun little game so I played along. I told him and he told me he thought it was 20 lbs less than that. I said, if that were the case, I would weigh what I weighed when we got married. Again, he didn't believe me so we got into a discussion about how much he thought I'd weighed when we met and so on and so forth. The best part is that he would always have guessed me to have been 15-25 lbs less than I weighed. This is why to me the scale doesn't matter as much as some other things do. One of my Rescue Swimmer instructors knew me at my thinnest EVER. When he saw me right before I got married, he told my roommate that I looked more fit and amazing then than I had in school...when I was working my butt off running, swimming, and doing all those fun calisthenics. So, that for me is where I am headed! To capture that fit feeling inside and out...and I am almost there!!


  1. WTG! Told ya scales are worthless! :-P :-D


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