Simple Pleasures for this Simple Girl

According to, "simple" is described in this manner and this is the manner in which I mean it:

sim·ple (smpl)
1. Having or composed of only one thing, element, or part. See Synonyms: pure.
2. Not involved or complicated; easy: a simple task. See Synonyms: easy.
3. Being without additions or modifications; mere: a simple "yes" or "no."
4. Having little or no ornamentation; not embellished or adorned: a simple dress.
5. Not elaborate, elegant, or luxurious. See Synonyms: plain.
6. Unassuming or unpretentious; not affected.

Sorry, Merriam-Webster, your definition was not as complete nor did it meet my needs in this instance. You've been outdone! Ah-hem.

Ostentatiousness is not what wins me over, though I do use it myself on occasion to act a fool. I enjoy being the center of attention on my terms. That's not the point of this post, though. The point is to talk about those little things that mean so much. Lately, I have taken to cutting the rind off the orange before I send it to school with my daughter or serve it to her.

I did this the first time because I wanted to see if I could do it. I found it fun and challenging to see if I could get all the white pith from the outside of the orange without taking much of the orange itself with it. When I did it, I was reminded of the first time I was served an orange in this manner. I was in the Navy and stationed in San Diego. My girlfriend, Sherrie, took me to her favorite place for Sushi. Once we finished our rolls, the Sushi chef gave us an orange made like this, but he used the rinds to make it look like a swan and it seemed to be swirled in orange liqueur...SO GOOD! If we'd had cell phones back then, I would so show you a picture; alas, it was 1995 and that technology was not yet in place! Anyway, when the chef handed this to each of us, I felt so very special. It was an unexpected, yet delightful surprise!

When my mom brought my son home today, she had stopped at the library and had a book with stories by Alfred Hitchcock. My daughter wanted her to read her one of the stories. My mom shared one with her that had scared the daylights out of her as a child. Nice, right?! I love to be read to and I love to read to my kids. Growing up, my mom read to us a lot. "Eloise" is one of our favorites and even now I like to have my mom read that to me and sometimes the kids are over when I ask her to read it. When I had my first child, she bought me hard cover, color-editions of all the Winnie-the-Pooh books. Again, I still have her read me certain ones like "Buttercup Days" because she always inferred that I was Anne in the story (which is my middle name, too) as I, too, had "golden" hair as a child.

Buttercup Days

Where is Anne?
Head above the buttercups,
Walking by the stream,
Down among the buttercups.
Where is Anne?
Walking with her man,
Lost in a dream,
Lost among the buttercups.

What has she got in that little brown head?
Wonderful thoughts which can never be said.
What has she got in that firm little fist of hers?
Somebody's thumb, and it feels like Christopher's

Where is Anne?
Close to her man.
Brown head, gold head,
In and out the buttercups.

A.A. Milne - Now We Are Six

Yup, that's a machine gun in my hands. It seems that I was meant for the military from early on...hardcore all the way! I still love the feel of a gun in my hands, hitting the bullseye on a target. I love a little red dress with white polka dots, too. I love pigtails and curly locks. I love sunsets, crashing surf, the sound of water rushing over rocks, a child's laughter, the sound of rain on the rooftop, snuggling with someone I love, kissing, smiling, laughing out loud, learning something new, flowers, the scent of spring in the air, the color of autumn leaves, mountains, rivers, sand under my bare feet, crisp apples, a good burger, chocolate chip cookie dough straight from the bowl, my grandma's molasses crisps, Harrod's No. 42 Earl Grey blend, a good cup of coffee, being in the arms of a man, the peace only Jesus can provide, a romantic movie, amazing friends, my grampy and granny, my fantastic aunts, uncles and cousins, sunshine, blue skies, my brothers and sisters, my little girl and big boys, the smell of pine trees, swimming, running, the burn in my muscles as I push them to become stronger, pilates, yoga, a good book, a memorable quote, music that moves me, authors who use words to paint a picture or tell a story, Lindt dark chocolate orange essence, After Eight mints, Christmas, Easter, a simple gesture that tells me that I was on your mind or in your heart...

I'm a simple girl--unassuming and unpretentious in nature--and for me, it's the simple things--not involved or complicated, not embellished or adorned--that matter most to me. The things that are truly pure and easy...enjoyed just as they are in their natural form.


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