What a difference a year makes! February 2010 to February 2011


The picture of me in the purple sweater was taken in mid-February 2010. The picture of me in my running gear was taken yesterday. This was the first picture of 2010 that I took in order to share with my friend, Robert, who is in Afghanistan. The middle of each month starting with February 2010, I have sent Robert pictures to show him my progress. Thanks to that practice, each month until my weight loss journey comes to an end, I will be able to compare it to where I was the previous year.
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  1. WOW! You are awesome! :-) I love to see the results of your commitment.

  2. I wish I had been better about tracking my measurements throughout my journey so I'd know how many inches overall I'd lost and not just lbs. I tracked them in January last year and March, but not February. It's about a 60 lb difference between the two pics, though. That I do know!

  3. The pictures and the smile on your face say more than the stats ever could. :-)


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