You've Got Mail...SPARKMAIL!

Ok, it's kind of a funny name, but everything is about the Spark over at So, in my real email inbox, I got a note that an old friend who'd dropped off the SparkPlanet (ok, I made that one up, but I couldn't stop myself!), was back online and working to lose weight again. He'd posted a comment on my page, we'd added each other as friends again, and then I got his SparkMail. In it, he said the sweetest thing to me and it made me feel so very happy today:

When I saw your picture I was totally amazed. Is it okay to tell look stunning! Beautiful!. Great job on what you have accomplished. I know you must be so very proud of yourself.

I am very proud of my accomplishments. I had a woman ask me yesterday on SparkPeople how much I weighed in a pic from Valentine's Day last year. I weighed almost 60 lbs less than I do at this moment. And I hope to be able to say on that day that I weigh over 60 lbs less than that time last year. That would mean a rate of loss of 5 lbs per month. Sorry...analyst me in action! LOL! This is the pic she was asking about:

Honestly, I don't even remember that girl. Well, I do a little. I remember feeling elated as I could start to see a difference and was starting to exercise at that point in my journey. Not just a little exercise, but a consistent dose of it. I had set up the 5k and 10k I was going to run/walk without really having proven that I could. My goal was to run what I could and walk the rest. In the next two months, I think I ran a couple times in my house with the Wii. Not exactly training! LOL! After that first 5k at the zoo...which has a LOT of hills in case you don't know...I really found that I enjoyed running. I ran more between that race and my 10k, but still didn't "train" for it. I ran both in the ~15 min/mi pace range. Yeah, I know. That's what most people walk. I did walk probably half of each of those to be fair.

Here's me at the Zoo 5k:

And here's me during the Cleveland Rite Aid Marathon/Half/10k:

And this is me at the final event of the year (2010) - The Halloween Fun Run 5K where I ran at a 12:24 min/mi pace and ran the ENTIRE race!:

This is me during one of my last runs of 2010 (12/6):

So, my friend sent another email saying:

Any insight or encouragement you have share feel free to submit it. I want to learn from winners..and you are certainly a winner! Am very proud of you!

My friend is a dad to three daughters, so hearing that from him made me feel all puffed up and proud of how far I have come. Thanks, M!!


  1. I love Spark people. I live ikn cleveland/lakewood to be exact. I have been a member of it since the end of january, and personally i owe my life to it. Your pictures are awesome.

    1. Thanks, Kat! I grew up in Lakewood. I have done some backsliding the last year, but am back on track again. Thanks for your encouragement!


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