Back to December

I am big on having no regrets and seeing every part of my life and the choices I make within it as an opportunity or experience that was part of my journey. Usually, I can see what came of that period or what I learned in that time. For the first time in a long while, I wish I could go back to December. I settled for something tangible and available because I couldn't have what I wanted. And in having the right now, I lost someone that meant everything to me. Someone who got me like no one else ever has. Someone that now I may compare everyone else to. No one is him. So, for the first time, I have a regret. I want a do-over! Don't get me wrong. I did learn something. I learned that lovin' the one you're with isn't always the right option. I learned that the real thing is worth waiting for and settling is never the answer. I learned that something is not better than nothing especially when nothing means something more than you can ever imagine.

So, I will let Taylor Swift and Back to December share my regret...


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