I remember when my first child was born and from 10-days old, he never wanted to sit. He would only stand when he was awake. I couldn't believe how strong he was. That later turned into strong-will around 18-months. I thought maybe the terrible two's had arrived early. Nope. Instead, he was like me...hyperactive and oppositional. I told my mom her dream had come true, I got a child just like me. She explained that it didn't count until it was a daughter. Spring forward six and a half years and I do bring a little girl into this world and all I can think of is that I am going to make my mama proud--a child just like me! And, she is. I have a daughter who looks and acts very much like her mother--bossy, intelligent, quick-witted, hyperactive, strong-willed, and full of love.

This is my little girl, my mini-me, in her favorite picture of us from Fall 2010:

I cannot imagine my life without her. I had always wanted three children, but my husband and I separated shortly after our second child. It was finding out I was pregnant with her (thoughtwe didn't know it was a her at the time) that reunited us six months later and kept us together for 6 years following her both. I wouldn't trade that time for anything. Our daughter is a little bit daddy's girl and a lotta bit mama's girl. She is a snuggler. She loves both of her parents very much. She loves to read, play board games, video games, and to workout.

In 5 days time, she will run her first race with me. We are running the St. Malachi's 2-miler. She is SO excited. I just finished registering us for the race...AND for our long-sleeved T's! Oh-yeah! You know it! I am WAY excited about that part, but I am even more excited to have my daughter run with me. I am excited to share this time and this passion of mine with her. I have seen this journey of mine--losing weight and getting fit--affect her above the rest of the kids. She is on the band-wagon. She wants to be fit, too. She love to exercise, eat fruits and veggies and other healthy things. She has the most eclectic of palates. I think that may be because when I was pregnant with her, I craved flavors--Thai, Indian, Mexican...spicy, cilantro-laden, yumminess!

Last night after I had put her brother to sleep and almost fallen asleep in his bed, I hear, "Mom, aren't you gonna come snuggle me?" said in a loud whisper from down in her room. I loud-whispered back that I would be right there as I dragged a hand across my drool-smeared mouth (What? It happens!). I climbed into bed with her and we attempted to get comfortable. It wasn't working. I was tired and wanted my bed. I whispered, "You wanna come sleep in my bed so we can both go to sleep?" Heck yes she did. So, we practically ran to my room. I went about washing up and then remembered I needed to take my medicine (for my sinus infection...which I forgot to take today--dammit!) and headed to the kitchen to do that. I climbed into bed and got comfy. As I was just settling in and starting to doze, she rolled over as she often does and snuggled up to me swinging her right arm up and over me as her hand smacks me in the face--just past my ear and almost into my eye--just right. I chuckled to myself knowing that I wouldn't have it any other way. Me and my little girl...


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