As time passes...

Two years ago today, I got serious about my weight loss. After coming back from a wonderful trip to the High Country of North Carolina in the Great Smokey Mountains, I knew I needed to make a change. We'd gone to this beautiful place, Linville Falls, and we had to hike down to see the falls. It was the coming back up that told me the physical weight I was carrying was too much. I was too out of shape to enjoy the things I loved--like hiking and adventure activities that require you to be physically active. That was in mid-April 2009...and what would be our last vacation as a family.

When I hit my first goal at the end of January 2011, I had lost 100 lbs from the taking of this picture and 112 lbs since my heaviest. Since then, I have gained back 7 lbs. I've hit the point in my weight loss where I have to deal with some of the root issues or be doomed to end up where I started--or worse! The weight gain is a result of my desire to fill the emptiness or voids in my life; like my desire to be loved. I am learning I need to surrender in my weakness to God's will. It's a bit of a battle still, but God and I are working through day and one step at a time.

Here's what two years looks like (April 2009/April 2010/April 2011):

Seems that one thing keeps getting bigger on smile! For that, the pains, efforts, challenges, and work have all been worth it. Now, to the next part--finishing my inside work so I can get back to my outside work!


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