It's true! I'm a thespian!

I am a drama queen. At the ripe young age of 6, I had my first acting gig in Whitefield, NH as the Christmas Bear--the lead--in the town play. The following year I also had the lead. When we moved back to Ohio, I tried out for all the school plays. I remember playing Katrina Von Tressel in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and wearing my mom's beautiful, long, pink skirt with lace accents and a white frilly top. In middle school, I went to Catholic school and we didn't do any performances. Luckily, in high school there were many per year. If I wasn't in the play, I was part of the crew doing the actors' make-up and costumes. I love the theater!

Recently, a friend posted a note asking if anyone was interested in playing a manager in a student movie for a film student at Cleveland State University. I was totally up for it. So, I got the script and memorized my lines on a Friday night after my kids went to sleep. The following morning, I went up to CSU after dropping off my kids for their week at their dad's house. Time to live out my dreams of being an actress and filming a movie. It was much more work than I had anticipated. Lots of takes and from many angles, but a fun experience that taught me a lot. I really enjoyed hanging with all the film students as well who are living their dreams.

This is Matt McNeely's film called Mid-Life Juggalo. It is his thesis film to finish out his BFA as a film student. He was great to work with and while handed some challenges in the filming, he busted through them all and made it work. It's got adult language so beware. I am in 2 scenes. Enjoy my film debut...and if you haven't achieved your dreams or goals yet in this life, what are you doing about it?! Life's too short not to learn, live and love what you do and what you've done!


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