A New Start

All day today--and for so long before this that I can't even tell you when it first began--God has been trying to get me to let go. To trust him. To turn to him. To embrace his Truth. Lysa TerKeurst who is the President and co-founder of Proverbs 31 Ministry as well as the NYT Best Selling author of Made to Crave which is a book I am reading about "satisfying your deepest desire with God and not food", writes things that speak to me. I have read her book "Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl" (which I am ALL about!) and "What Happens When Women Walk in Faith" (okay, I didn't finish this one because it required work my heart wasn't yet ready to do and my mind wasn't ready to wrap around it yet). Lysa speaks with honesty and truth--from the Bible and her real life. She isn't perfect and doesn't pretend to be. I like real because I can relate. It reminds me that I don't have to be perfect to live by God's grace and mercy. Her ministry to women has ministered to me in ways I cannot express enough thanks for. In case you ever read this, Lysa, THANK YOU! You reached me down deep when I was searching but still lost.

Carol Davis posted this in her blog message entitled Letting Go...:
God said to my heart: Letting go is taking my hand just because you want to be connected. Not fighting me and trying to go your own way. Letting go means you trust that I can see what you can't. Letting go of the things you hold so tightly, free you to fully embrace life with Me.

And so, today, I loosen my grip. My white knuckles relax and drop the weights that have hindered me and sought to separate. Today, your unfailing love motivates me to take your hand so I can be connected. Today, I let go...

Today, I began a 5-day journey of truly seeking a deep and real relationship with my Savior. Lately, I have felt as if the Lord is wooing me. He's not rushing me. He's letting me know He knows me, hears me, and He's listening. He speaks to my heart in ways that He knows will reach me. Things that are real to me. Things that I can relate to. Things that only He would know. And while this is what God is doing to show me how he loves me, I have been resisting. Today, I shed that and fall backwards into His awaiting arms. Ready to trust that His love WILL be enough. Enjoy the song and the journey, friends!


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