Need You Now

Do you have that person in your life that you think about when you need to lean into someone? I do. He's overseas now, but when my life gets bogged down and dark, I wish he was here. I want to be able to tell him the hurts of my heart. I want him just to listen as I pour out my heart and empty the pain in front of him. He sees me just as I am and loves me still....or at least did. I wonder if he thinks about me like I think about him. I think about the scene in Dear John by Nicholas Sparks where the characters are under the same moon and look up and think of each other on other ends of the world and wonder if certain things remind SAM of me. I know so much reminds me of him. I need him lean into...

Instead, I hear God whisper to me...lean into me...and I do. He is all I have. He is my constant. He is my rock. So, I lean in...I cry...I shout...I think...I dream...I struggle...I learn...and I grow...and I heal. Each day.


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