A New Season

I'm not talking about it being spring, though it really is supposed to be spring even if it is not feeling very much like it outside. I am talking about the changes all around me. A few weeks ago, one friend of mine, George led his final Northcoast HDI chapter meeting. Another friend of mine, Brent, was chosen as the new president. It was the last time I saw George as he passed away on Sunday. At least I had this last day with him. One last hug!

Work challenges persist. Because of this, my WM (work mom) resigned yesterday after 2 weeks of pneumonia brought on by the stress of the position she'd been put in due to the job challenges. The blessing is that she will be the new Executive Director of the Humane Society in her area which is right up her alley. She will ROCK there. I am so happy for her, but I am sad to lose my walking buddy, my IM buddy, and the person I could talk everything out with from my divorce to my kids to the challenges at work.

My WM has been with me since I made the decision to divorce. When we first met in person, I knew she was the one I'd hire. Her skills weren't a perfect match for my needs, but I knew we could teach her the parts she lacked. We were getting ready to groom her for a new role this year, but the turnaround we were hoping for hasn't occurred yet. That meant that rather than increasing her responsibility, we reduced her pay and hours. She was one of a handful that ended up in that situation, but was the first to find work and resign. It's been a hard 2 weeks with her home every day rather than at least being in the office part time. I am going to miss her terribly. She lives about 20 minutes from me so we will still stay in contact, it will just be different. We're going to take next Thursday off to hang out together. She will always be my WM even though we won't work together.

I have also changed my way of eating. This is week 2 of clean eating. It's been easier than I thought it would be and I actually like it and feel good. I would have never thought I could actually like living without consuming white flour and white sugar. I have only had 1 processed food item which also contained white flour and white sugar and that was the cake for my little girl's birthday which we celebrated on Saturday. I ended up with a headache afterwards which makes it even more not worth it for me. I get enough sinus headaches without having to add other reasons for giving myself a headache. Speaking of which...it's STILL raining here and this makes me crabby. I used to love the rain...now, NOTSOMUCH!

August was the first big upheaval and change of "season" for me, and now there is a new one. A growth opportunity. A place for me to lean into God and know that I have no control of these things. What I do have is faith, hope and love for the people that I have had in my life. When my boss, D, left in August, it was hard to adjust to everything on my shoulders, but he's stayed in my life even across the miles. I know WM will do the same. And George will be missed always; Friday we say our final good-bye to him. All these people came into my life through different seasons and offered me and gave to me so much. I have been blessed by the seasons they spent with me. And now, we all move on into new seasons with new opportunities, new growth, and new perspectives.

Me, D & WM

As an aside, there IS one more thing that is getting to me is...SAM. I miss him terribly. Even as I meet new men, I have yet to click with anyone like I did with him. I read an article yesterday that talked about secret squirrel stuff and all I could think about was him. SAM, love you and miss you and hope you are well!


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