What a Difference a Year Makes - May

Last year I was in Florida along the Gulf Coast with my girlfriends for a much-needed vacation. The picture on the left is me during that vacation. The one on the right is me sporting my new glasses after work this week. I just got that top at Will's Boutique last week during a shopping expedition with my WM and I am loving it. THOUGH...it has all these little clear disks on it that are tiny and shed everywhere. I am finding them all over the office and home still. I almost didn't get that shirt for that reason, but it was too cute and in some of my fave color combinations so I got it anyway.

Here is me during the Rite Aid 10k last year. It was kicking my butt and I was running about every other mile.

This year's pics show a much fitter me as does my much better pace time in the race and the fact that I ran almost the entire race this time as compared to about half of it last year. 
That's me with the ballcap to the left with the white t-shirt
I am coming to the time of year where I am about to kick into high gear and really get outside and get moving. On top of it, my eating is cleaned up (well, for the most part--I still have some not good moments now and again!). 


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