Chicago, Chicago!

Tomorrow in the wee hours of the morning, I will be flying with 3 other co-workers to Chicago. I love Chicago. I have only been there twice for a few days, but both times were amazingly wonderful adventures. The first time I was flown in by my ex's company to spend a few days with him before the big plastics show kicked off. We had deep dish pizza, walked everywhere, ate at the Cheesecake Factory in the bottom of the John Hancock building, walked the Navy Pier, and just enjoyed many mini-adventures. I was pregnant with Noah at the time. The next time I went was for my friend AL's bachelorette party. We stayed at Hotel 71  and walked into town to this liquor store that was supposed to be not too far away, but it was a HIKE. We bought a ton of booze and took a cab back to the hotel. We stated in playing games in our hotel room and drinking the first night, shopping during the day on Saturday and then went clubbing that night. We were SPENT by the end of the trip, but so many wonderful memories. We even had breakfast at this Corner Bakery cafe as we sat on the patio all hung over. Oh boy, that kind of weekend is not for the faint at heart!

When Joseph was still stateside, he traveled a lot. He went to Chicago quite frequently. One of his last trips, he took some photos of the city and posted them for me. There was one of the Bean at Cloud Gate in Millennium Park and all these people were standing underneath it. As I had never seen it I asked him what all the people were doing underneath it. He told me he had no idea, but guessed they were just looking at their reflections. I Googled it and found out that he was most likely right. I was thinking that maybe something was etched in it like a quote or something. Sometimes I miss the obvious! LOL! Knowing that I have this trip coming up, I was hopeful we'd have an opportunity to go into the city to visit the Bean so I could take a picture of me under the Bean and post it here for Joseph. I had hoped he'd get to see it and be reminded of our silly little banter...our moments. If I get the chance to get into the city, I will be making a beeline for the Bean to take that picture for myself as a reminder of all he was to me.


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