Dream Wisps

Sometimes after I have an intense dream I have these little wisps of the dream that act like flashbacks to moments in the dream that pull me back to certain moments within the dream. Last night I had a very REAL dream where it was the end times. I was in a minivan with my mom, this guy who looked like Jim Parrack (Hoyt) from True Blood Jim Parrack Picture and driving into a big city which I will say is Boston because I think that is what I remember from the radio banter when this explosion happens. This huge, orange-yellow, mushroom-fire cloud that looked to be going up into the air then starts shooting toward us and all I think is that this is the end...and then it's peaceful. I brace myself for what's next. Will it be blackness? Emptiness? Nothingness? Bright lights? What? And then I am in this big all black room like an empty museum space that we're walking through and Gabby's hand is in mine. Noah and my mom are a little in front of us and the guy who looks like Hoyt is next to me...and then I wake up to the sound of my alarm. It was like coming up from being underwater too long where you suck in a huge gasp of air. So bizarre.

This is the kind of stuff my brain does when I spend a lot of time with someone talking about the end times and am trying to process life in the midst of all this. Here's what I have to say about the end of times, folks, at some point it will come and when it does all that matters is that you are ready. I don't know if it will happen in our time or that of our children or grandchildren or a millenia from now. What I do know is that life and death happen every day as do the choices we make. I believe that choosing Jesus because you want to know him and his love and believe he is the one true son of God is all that really matters. Life is tough and it's even more difficult if you muddy the waters with what may be and what if this or that. Just live, love and laugh each day because you never know when it's going to be your last chance to do so.


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