Save the Drama

No. Really. Save it. For someone who is NOT me. I don't like drama. I don't create drama. I don't NEED drama. I know that some people thrive on it, seek it out and create it, but I am not one of those people. Drama only enters my life through the conduits known as other people! And their drama leaks into my life. Little by little. And then it's there. Unwanted. Lingering. Annoying the crap outta me because drama is inconvenient and I hate to be inconvenienced. I mean, who doesn't?!

Drama is too much like conflict. Now that I have had enough of in my lifetime to last me the whole rest of my life.  Conflict was something I did create and did thrive on in some ways. It was something I was familiar with and knew well. Maybe it was one of those 'devil you know' kind of things. Now that I am done stirring pots, poking the sleeping bear, and otherwise asserting my semblance of power through creating conflict in areas where I know I will prevail, I don't like it in my life or leaking into my life. Where there is conflict, I choose not to be. Now, also understand that I won't allow myself or someone I care about be walked all over or to go it alone because I don't want to deal with the BS that comes with conflict or drama, but it makes me weary. It's definitely an energy-sucker!

The current drama going on around me has to do with ML and her former live-in bf. It exemplifies why I wouldn't live with someone before I am married to them and why I wouldn't buy a house or share a cell phone service with them outside of wedlock either. This is especially true after only dating a few months before intermingling these areas of life. Not my thing. You barely know one another still. Even after my ex and I got back together after our first separation in 2002, I didn't recombine all the things that we'd separated. I think that when you are leery about doing things it's because something inside you tells you that this combination is not right. There is something subconsciously indicating an issue exists either with you personally or within the relationship. So, save yourself the drama and don't jump into things with both feet especially when your eyes are closed! Just sayin'!


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