Thoughts of You

For weeks I have been meaning to post this. To remind Joseph of what I said before he left. To remind him that he's still that same man who stole my heart the moment it all began. He told me when he'd read it before that it was the sweetest thing he'd EVER read...EVER. It is based on a playlist I made for him, for us, before he went overseas:

When I realized that I was Ready to Love Again, it was My Wish that God would bring me someone made just for me. I want to thank Your Guardian Angel for watching over you so you were there for me to share my Secrets with. I hope you’ll always be around to Take Me There – to that place that only our hearts can lead us. When I saw your True Colors, I knew you Gotta Be Somebody that I would want to spend my time knowing better. From the beginning, You Got Me.  We all know that When You Got a Good Thing, you have to hold on to it. I am so thankful that God did Bless the Broken Road I traveled to find you. I have fallen Truly, Madly, Deeply for you. The Chances we’ve taken are worth each moment. All it takes are moments to Breakthrough the barriers and embrace everything that is offered. This Is Beautiful that we know how important it is to just Love Who You LoveOnly Time will tell what will become of us, but know that Wherever You Will Go you will remain in my heart Time After TimeCome On Get Higher than you’ve ever dreamed by embracing all that I have to offer you. Know that there are some things in life that are just UnstoppableI Still Believe...

I dreamt about him last night. I am still amazed at how my mind pulls in different pieces and processes them in the form of a dream. In my dream we were at the YMCA. I said to him that I know the place like the back of my hand because I basically grew up there. Then, he suggested we go out and run or do something. So we packed up a bag and went to the top of a hill. As we drove, we went past this waterway that had rocks covered in thick, green moss. It was a little chilly out and I suggested we run rather than swim because of it. We were getting ready to go change as we stepped out of the van and as I started to walk away he grabbed my hand and pulled me back to him and kissed me. I looked up at him and asked what that was for and he said he'd been waiting to do it and right now seemed like the right time. Ah, if only it was more than just a dream, but since it's not and never will be I hope there are more like it!


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