Whirlwind Travel Tour

I love to travel. Most of my travel has been business travel, though. And this time will be no different. We're entering into another season of travel and it's happening right as I am getting ready to move. I have Thursday and Friday off this week, next week I have my kids but now I may need to drive to Mechanicsburg for a few days with my favorite travel buddy, Bill, plus we have a golf scramble we're all playing in south of Medina, OH, and then the following week we have to fly out of CLE at 0600 (which means I have to be up WAY early) for ORD (CHICAGO!!) for a full day of meetings. I love Chicago and am so excited to be going there. Then, I am off the next day until the Wednesday after Labor Day when I complete my move. To complete my whirlwind travel tour, I will be heading to Philly on September 11th with one of the owners for another golf outing followed by customer visits while we're in the area. Now, I just need to keep on top of my packing and moving and settling in during all of the rest of the fun.

And while I am on my whirlwind travel tour, my Uncle Matt and his wife, Sibyl, my Aunt Peggy and her husband, Gary, my Aunt Mary, my Aunt Theresa and my granny are all headed to Ireland for one of their cousin's 70th birthday parties. They'll be starting in Dublin and then heading to my grandparents' hometown in County Mayo called Tourmakeady. The home that my grandfather grew up in is now a rental lodge and has small cottages for rent as well.

After their time in Tourmakeady, they'll go back to Dublin where my granny and two aunts who are visiting sans spouses will fly home. My other two aunts and uncles will head to Italy where they will tour the countryside and meet my Uncle Gary's family. Then, my Uncle Matt and Aunt Sibyl will finish off their trip by heading to where her parents were born in Germany (at the time, it was Poland before the Russian invasion). I cannot wait to hear about all their travels and adventures. My Aunt Mary and Uncle Matt are excellent story tellers and I am SURE this trip will be filled with amazing stories and loads of laughter!


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