Secrets and Lies

Do all secrets lead to lies? Or is it lies that lead to secrets? I don't know. I wonder when one becomes the other. I wonder at what point one decides that they're in too deep and they must go all the way. I wonder if the thought of just being real and exposing the truth even at the expense of losing everything you hold dear is worth becoming unburdened of the work it requires to deceive others. Especially when the secrets and lies are told to those you say you love.

Maybe love has just become a word. I suppose that's the point being made in Chasing Cars, one of my favorite songs by Snow Patrol, "Those three words. Are said too much. They're not enough." When one's actions belie the words spoken, no matter how often or with how much feeling, they are worthless; they are not enough. Even when all you want is someone to lie with you and just forget the world, make sure that you're choosing the right person to lie with and aren't just lying to yourself.

And remember that you are worth more than words...


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