Just Keep Swimming

One of my favorite Disney movies is Nemo. If you've seen it before, you know all about how to move forward...you just keep swimming. In case you haven't seen it, see below so you can get the gist of it:

In the deep end, I have ended up on 3 dates so far with continuing dialogue with one of the guys (someone I was introduced to and not from pof.com) and one more date still to go on Thursday after work. Two other guys attempted to schedule some time with me, but I was already full up and needed some me time in the midst of this as well. 

Date #1...not delighted. I almost didn't go out with this guy because his profile listed him as "separated" and separated is not divorced. When we chatted beforehand, he had told me his divorce would be final this month. So, I met him for drinks. Not long into the date, he's telling me about his ex and trying to juggle his job and time with his kids and her not taking his calls and then, lo and behold, she calls to discuss arrangements for the weekend. Three calls later, and three drinks, not only was the date done, but so was I. This guy turned out to be a serial dater and seems to have a lot of drama going on. In the two hours we were together, I learned about his soon-to-be-ex-wife, his job, his financial situation, his ex-girlfriend, that he just copies and pastes his profile from dating site to dating site...and the fun goes on and on. I chalk this one up to lesson learned and to follow my instincts because my first answer is usually the right one!

Date #2...so far, so good. This is the one who was an introduction from a friend. He was coming up to spend the weekend with family and asked if he could see me while he was here. This was after 30 minutes of texting followed by an hour on the phone. We spent the evening together having dinner and a couple of drinks and then talking until I needed sleep. We spent the whole next day together as well. He saw me in no make-up, yoga pants, and my long-sleeved T and still told me I was not just "pretty" as he'd thought after seeing my picture, but beautiful. Hehe! Two hugs and two quick kisses later, he was gone and I had a 50th birthday party to get to. He's a great guy and we have a lot on in common. He keeps me laughing and is an excellent listener. He reminds me a little of the SAM I knew and a little of Russ, but he also reminds me a little of my ex. They even share the same birthday. SO...I am trying to move slowly so as not to decide either way before I really give him a chance. I can tell he really likes me already, though, and that makes me a little weary.

Date #3...good friend material. We had our date at a local Caribou. He had beautiful green eyes and we had no trouble keeping the conversation going. Our date was only 90 minutes as I had to get to church afterwards, but I would hang out with him again. He's not someone I would "date" though as I didn't find us compatible in that way.

Date #4...has potential...and is still to be determined. This guy has a beautiful smile. He's well-educated and lives nearby. We are going to meet up at a local bar and he's going to tell me about his ERP implementation. I know. That is totally geeky, but that is something I am really interested in and he's in the midst of it right now. He will be able to give me a fresh look into the details of an implementation as well as how they chose the product. 

I don't have the answers. I don't know the right or wrong answers. I know I am scared to make a bad choice, a "wrong" choice, but either of those is better than no choice. So, we'll see what comes next as I just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...


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