Please Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Remember those things they teach you early on in your school years? Things like don't eat paste, wait your turn, and keep your hands to yourself? Well, it seems that we forget these things over time. Maybe not the paste thing--at least I hope not--but those other pieces of wisdom seem to be out there for when you feel like it. Um, nope! Wrong. Those things aren't optional pieces of information, it's really important that one leverage said behaviors regularly.

Following these guidelines is especially crucial if someone asks you to NOT do those things. Like, please stop touching me. And, for the record, saying "sorry" and then continuing the unwelcome behavior is not acceptable. Please don't make me resort to slapping you silly because your listening ears were left at home or have been rendered useless by alcohol which has also given you a bit of amnesia because you've obviously fallen and bonked your head since the last time I told you to STOP TOUCHING ME! 

Luckily, I did not have amnesia, had not bumped my head, or forgotten my listening ears. I remembered what I tell my children all the time and that is to just walk away. Thankfully, this time, that was enough. So, if you can't keep your hands to yourself, maybe you should have some alone time or put yourself in a time out until you can remember how to appropriately interact with others. Just sayin'!


  1. Haha! Thank you very much. I write how I speak!


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