The Time is Now

I have been waiting for this time for two and a half months. I first posted about how I wanted to spill this news to Joseph on August 16th in this post. I still can't share what it specifically is, but by the end of this week things could be changing. I need some change. I actually need a lot of change. Stagnation has never really been my thing and I get bored and unsettled when it does occur in any area of my life--personal or professional.

Plus, in the midst of all this, I get a road trip! And I LOVE a good road trip! I will be driving in the mountains. On a familiar route. I will be listening to audiobooks, letting the sun shine in through my windows, and allowing my mind to let go of all the things that weigh me down--at least for a little while--as I find a new place of peace and joy. One that only I can make. It is now time to embrace all that is before me and release all that is behind me. To take a step into the now and relish it for all its worth.


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