Drinking from the Firehose

That is how I felt yesterday. As if I was trying to take a drink from the firehose and being overwhelmed by it's volume. My first day working my new job as Senior Director of Solutions and Strategic Alliances came stock with technical (user-related) difficulties, lots of new people and processes, and--oh, by the way...--an entry into an opportunity with a former customer of mine that meant they needed my brain trust. WOW! So much for a good week to start so I could enter the water slowly. On top of all that, the person with whom I need to work on the solutioning side is on vacation this week. Thankfully, my mentor is working this week and she and I have had some time together to get things moving. I appreciate that a lot since I was very concerned about working with her. She's a lot like me--driven, potty-mouthed, opinionated, strong personality, and knows her stuff. I thought we were going to have a rough go at it, but that hasn't been the case. THANK YOU, GOD!!

This was the announcement welcoming me and introducing me to the organization:

Please join me in welcoming Heather [B] to the organization.  Heather brings a wealth of expertise in driving strategies, processes and cost-saving measures to enhance service offerings.  Heather was previously with a partner of [ours], where she worked closely with IBM non-procurement, as well as, many other OEM’s and partners, as a single point of contact for all their service delivery needs – reporting, root cause analysis, escalation, adherence to service level agreements (SLAs), etc.  In addition, Heather is a Certified Support Center Manager with expertise in call center, support services, relationship management, and training.
 Initially Heather will have oversight of Solutions and Strategic Alliances and will work closely with Anita [my mentor], Senior Director, on the further enhancements of our sales qualification, service planning and delivery, implementation, SOW development and strategic alliances programs. I am very pleased to have Heather on board!
And I am very pleased to be on board. I have been welcomed with open arms and am still very excited about this opportunity. When I interviewed with my new boss, he said that I was like the most hyped player of the Chicago Cubs going over to the White Sox. I wish he'd used a football or basketball analogy instead, but I got his meaning. He'd heard so much about me and everyone was so excited to have the opportunity to have me coming over--Red Rover, Red Rover, let Heather come over. LOL! It's good to be wanted. I hope I meet their expectations and far exceed my own!

The firehose has been turned down to a manageable flow right now, but I am sure there will be more days of trying to drink from it without getting knocked down or drowning in its flow. Here's to a new adventure...CHEERS!


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