I Did It!

I have accepted a position as the Senior Director in charge of solutions and the relationship with big blue at a business process outsourcer. I will report to the CFO/COO. I will be a change agent within the organization and part of their transformation. I am beyond excited!

This is what started as a dream job for me with regard to managing the big blue relationship, but the additional area of responsibility in solutioning is an opportunity for me to stretch and grow and build and refine processes in an area that is struggling. I think that is an area in which I excel even though this is an area in which I have only worked on from the periphery. It's also a little scary.

While I have only been at my current company for a little over three years, it has been a wild three years. During that time, I got divorced, lost over a hundred pounds, hired a dozen people, let a dozen or more people go, watched my beloved boss walk away, learned a whole lot of things I didn't want to know, was challenged beyond comfort, and stretched to my limits. In this job, I have let go of being defined by the work that I do and embracing myself for who I am instead. I am not the same person today that I was when I walked through their doors back in March 2008 knowing that I wanted to work for them.

In June 2010, I knew that I wanted to work for the company that I am going to in two weeks. After that visit where my former boss had me run the meeting and share our story and our offerings with this organization and had them start paying attention to who I was. While they didn't have an opportunity at the time, I stayed on their radar and had subsequent meetings in which I got to show them my value and thought process over and over again. And then, a high-level person at big blue told them they needed me...ME...to get that relationship back on track. That lead to the phone call that started me busting at the seams with excitement over that prospect and opportunity. Good things do come to those who wait.

On my way to interview with the executives this week, I got to travel I-76 through Pennsylvania. It was beautiful. I love that route. The mountains, the trees, the hills, the valleys, the waterways...it gives me great joy! Before I left, my friend Jerri reminded me that God will not drop me. I needed to trust that He would be with me and hold me up through all of this. I was asked to spend some time with the woman who will be my mentor just before I got the offer. This discussion lead me to question if I really wanted to join the organization. I was sitting in one of the offices waiting for the offer and continued to pray about a very specific need to be met and asked my mom and Jerri to pray with me. That exact need was met specifically. He didn't drop me. In fact, he lifted me up!

Having the discussions today with my boss and peers was tough. We went through the challenges in our current environment which made me consider this offer. While it's a great growth opportunity for me, if all was well where I was I would not be leaving. My boss was very upset by my decision. His plans for me entailed running the company alongside him. My name is known in the industry and at this challenging time this may further questions about the stability of the organization upon my departure. I called each of my team members individually to explain that I was leaving and that in leaving, I have additional opportunity to drive business toward my current company from the company I am going to by sharing their story with more people. I believe in my company and its service offering. I just feel I am not the right person to take them to the next level.

This decision has not been an easy one for me. Today has run me through every emotion possible. I am drained and emotionally spent now. There is a lot to get done these next two weeks to make my transition out of the organization successfully and set them up for future success in a new structure before heading off on my next adventure. I look forward to these last two weeks with my team, my peers and my boss. While this is the end of one part of my journey, the next one could be even more transformational for me and not just the company for whom I am going to work.


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