Thankfulness at Thanksgiving

Going into dinner with my mom's family yesterday was leaving me feeling a little down. I love that side of the family, but being with them is not the same as being with my dad's side. They're the ones I grew up with; they were our village. My Uncle Matt and Aunt Sibyl went to Atlanta to stay with my Uncle Mike and Aunt Theresa for the holiday and to celebrate my Uncle Mike's 60th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE MIKE! As Matt & Sibyl host the holidays each year, there went Thanksgiving. Even though the majority of my family lives around the area, we don't see each other as often as we used to given that so many have younger kids and split family time between their parent's house and their in-laws. I never had that issue as my in-laws lived in NY so we spent most holidays here with my family. I guess I am a little spoiled.

My older sister was going to be joining us for Thanksgiving and I was a little nervous. She's been awful lately and it's like the sister I knew is so far away. This mean person who made growing up awful has taken up permanent residence in her body and that coupled with the confused thoughts that sometimes overtake her for long periods at a time could have made the holiday leaving me sobbing like the last time I'd spent time with her. Instead, it was a total blessing. The Meg I have missed so much showed up. We talked about fun times when we were growing up and traditions we loved. We talked about movies and books and TV shows we are enjoying and what we think the other would like. It was more joy than I could have even asked for.

As we sat down to eat, no grace was said or thanks shared around the table. Not the kind of Thanksgiving I'm used to, but in my heart and from my heart I said my thanks to God for this amazing gift He had given me. A reminder that my sister from another mister, Renee, was right...Meg is still in there, and for that I could not be more joyful. Thank you, Lord, for such a blessing, a reminder, a glimpse of the Meg I know and love, the one buried beneath, but still inside. And maybe she is one of your favorites too!


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