Accidents Happen

I had an amazing drive to Mechanicsburg this week. The sun was shining, traffic was light, it was in the mid-thirties yet felt warmer. As I approached the office (about a mile out), a car came off a side street and hit my car in the front corner panel of the drivers side sending us both off the road and into a ditch off this main, busy route. The driver said she was focused on the semi which had pulled off into the right berm next to the main roadway and "didn't see me". As she was coming toward me, I remember saying, "no, no, no, no no...." followed by "f*ck" as our cars impacted throwing me into the door of the car and my right leg into the steering column just below my knee. I was stunned. The adrenaline coursing through my body had me visibly shaking. When I called my boss to let him know and my insurance agent, I teared up. The emotion of being in a crash and not at home were catching up to me. I called my mom to let her know, too, and then was transported to the hospital.

This is my car:

While this sucked, I couldn't be more blessed by the facts around this crash...I was going under speed limit having just slowed down as the semi pulled off into the berm. The car that hit me was coming off a side street, and while she'd accelerated to clear the road, was not going as fast as she could have been. This didn't happen under poor weather conditions or at high speeds or in the mountains. Additionally, even though I was not home, I was in the city where our headquarters is located and my peers were all in town. I thank God for the blessings of this. My neck is sore. My body aches. I am bruised and beaten, but I am alive and well. 


  1. Are you ok...?

    1. Bone bruise on my leg and stiffness and spasms in my neck, but doing well.


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