Right now, I am not loving my job. The stress. The heightened emotions. The work. Usually, I thrive on those things. At first, it was the feeling of being in WAY over my head. Not understanding the way the organization works. Not understanding what exactly I was supposed to be doing. And then there was the constant change to what I am responsible for and how that works within what has already been established within the organization. Now, I have a better understanding of what is required of me, but that also means that I see the challenges ahead of me and around me.

In the midst of this, I have amazing people that keep me from falling off the map. My peer who is responsible for the the operations side of the business processes (I own the financial and relationships), is someone who I was concerned about working with because she, like me, has a very strong personality. She has been a gem, though. They call us the Wonder Twins:
As you may know, the wonder twins are a sister and brother; therefore, we've needed to adjust and modify it to fit us--two women. Plus, who wants to change into some water form?! Zan's power is a stupid one. Jayna's is WAY better. But, I digress...

This morning, my stress level and irritation level had reached its threshold. My wonder twin pops up on my screen and checks in on me. She is a superstar! First, because she recognized that I was hitting my limit, but more importantly because in recognizing that, she reached out and connected with me. She shared that she hit hers the day before, but recognized that now the burden was falling to me. That allowed me to let go of my irritation and embrace my blessings. Even though things are tough right now, I am in the right place. I work with people who care about getting the job done, but more importantly they care about the people who are part of getting the job me!

Never underestimate the value of validating someone or taking the time to connect with them. You never know when you're going to be the one to make the difference for someone. Relationships are important. People are important. Make sure they know their value--even if it's small--because connecting with someone allows them to see beyond their own perspective. It reminds me of the chain links I have on my key ring. A reminder of our the roots of the Aspen tree.


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