Just because...

One morning, so long ago, I was awakened to the sweetest surprise. My brother came into the room where I was sleeping while home on leave just after boot camp. In his hand, was an arrangement of sweetheart roses. The card said, "Just because..." No name. I knew immediately who it was from. Michael "Damon" Lazzarro. My dear friend from another company during boot camp. We'd been in church together before and seen each other in the galley and on the grinder, but never really got to know one another, yet he showed me such sweet kindness.

To me, he was the dearest of friends. To him, I believe I had captured his heart.

I called him to thank him and he played it off as if he had no idea what I was even talking about, but I could hear the smile in his voice. He came to visit me in Pensacola while I was in aircrew school and he was in Machinist Mate's 'A' school becoming a "nuke" in Orlando. At the time, I was dating someone new, John--my first love, and it made for an awkward reunion. Damon was never far from my thoughts, though, as he was the first person to ever send me flowers. He made me feel special.

Remember that those "just because" things really matter. Someone doesn't have to do something to be reminded how special or important they are to you. His kindness blessed me. Be a blessing to someone!


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