There are these moments in time. Snapshots. Pieces of our lives captured by something simple. Something profound. Something unmistakable. Whether that something makes your heart soar or makes it break--or a little of both--happens in that moment. Yet, we are beings with free will. Free to decide. Free to release and uncover for ourselves what that moment means to us. How it affects us. How it shapes us. To let it define us or allow it to refine us.

This week, my daughter made a paper chain with links for how many days until her birthday. On each link, she wrote something. She took my name and for each letter wrote something special about how she feels about me. She did the same for other family members as well. As I got ready to take them home Sunday and to go away for the week, she handed me all my links (6) until she'll be back with me again on Friday. Today, I have this one in front of me as a reminder of how my daughter's story is woven into mine--linked together--and how in this moment, this season of her life, these words are a snapshot of how she sees me. I have to admit that my favorite is still to come...

The second H in my name is for "hell of a good mom", which, as you can see from the way she thinks and processes information, is right on! LOL!

These moments allow me to look back at what has already happened and say, "It is good!" Even in the midst of the moments which were not so good, there are blessings to be had. We just have to see beyond those moments and remember what really matters.


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