More Changes

The only constant in my life seems to be change. I FINALLY got to go to an HDI meeting yesterday and reconnect with my friends there. It was the first I had been to since December and that one I spent much of the time on the phone working on a deal we're were solutioning. A deal that is being re-worked again as we speak. I was sharing with my friends that while I have only been here less than six months, I am already transitioning out of my current role and into a new one. And it's one that I am really excited about. Good thing that I am someone who likes change and embraces it.

I am going to be handing back the reigns of the solutions team to the director who was in place when I got there. He and I have made a bunch of strides in nailing down processes, qualifications, cost models (him, not me) and now we're getting a tool built to help us deliver the pricing and further streamline and provide consistency. YEA! I have to admit that being in this role has been the most challenging of my career. It was WAY outside of my comfort zone. Pricing and formulas and stuff that has to do with math and accounting is evil! Evil, I tell you! Thankfully, AW is really good at that part and I was good at the other parts. Wonderfully complimentary arrangement we had. It will be hard for me to leave him. Though, I know he's going to be even better now that we have a much better foundation and organizational direction and strategy in place.

My next adventure leaves me in the product development world and our roadmap, but also takes me back to my roots in technical support, call center, and help desk. I am very excited to get back to some direct people management and helping people rise to their potential. Empowerment and direction can do amazing things for people. So can knowing that some sees these things in them and believes in them to use them for good. Sigh. I rallied against going back to call center/help desk previously because I felt it was a step backwards, but in reality I feel like it's a step in the right direction. One where I am happy and of benefit to others and the organization. Plus--the real biggie--I am back in Operations and not Finance which is where I belong!

Cheers to changes and new opportunities. Additionally, I get to go to San Diego in June or July to meet with some current and new partners. Ah, Life is Good!


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