No Longer Invisible

Ah, to really be seen. To be known. To stop being invisible. To be loved. To be cherished. To be filled with hope for a future. Covered in grace. Bathed in mercy. Isn't that what we all really want? What we long for? Ache for? What we seek? What we hope to find? What may also seem elusive. Unattainable. Unreachable. Hopeless...

Hagar knew what that felt like. El Roi is the name she gave God when he saw her hiding out in the wilderness (Gen 16). It means, "The God who sees me." 

Tammy Maltby's book, The God Who Sees Youreminds us what is to be seen. Really seen. No longer invisible or alone. I know I do. It is free for download at Amazon right now. Here is what the write up says about this eBook:

Maltby wants women to know their lives matter. So she invites you to explore the real-life implications of knowing God sees you, He loves you passionately, and He’s intimately involved with every aspect of your life. God wants you to see Him too and to partner with you in bringing about His kingdom.
When you take this reality to heart, you will live more honestly, confidently, and fearlessly—because everything looks different once you really see the God who sees you.
May the God who sees you set you free and fill you up with His love, His hope, and His promises.


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