The Good and the NotSoGood

Last night, everyone brought COOKIES to Bible study. REALLY? Come on, people! Where's the fruit. I can resist chips and other junk, but COOKIES?! Plus, I wasn't super hungry before I went and just got Sherri and I an iced Starbuck's beverage before the meeting began. But, those COOKIES. And not just any cookies, Snickerdoodles...still warm from the oven. O.M.G. I took them to the kitchen and went the other direction. I avoided them all night long. Someone else brought little chocolate chip cookies, but they didn't look all soft and chewy like the snickerdoodles so that wasn't too tough on me. But those snickerdoodles were calling to me...UGH! How I hate you sugary, floury, buttery goodness covered in cinnamon--or love you more than any normal human being should! Whatevs!

I made it through the whole night by the grace and mercy of God alone. By the time I went home, it was already 1030 PM so I didn't want to eat something while I packed because I knew I was weighing in the morning and didn't want to impact that. Another 2.2 GONE! YEE-HAW! That alone was worth not eating those stupid cookies no matter how good they looked or smelled. And let me tell you that I also had a little, "Maybe I should just have a little taste of one..." dialogue going on in my head, but the rational me reminded the irrational me that one little taste would have meant a full-on binge! Made it....barely! PHEW!

Then, as I headed to my home away from home for the week, I met up with a little friend. Not on purpose mind you. If I had had my way, I would have been invisible to the nice Pennsylvania State Trooper who kindly pulled me over and issued me a citation. Seems I was speeding in a high accident zone of the highway. Lucky for me--and I attribute this to always being nice to the officers rather than screaming like a lunatic which is really what I want to do--he issued me some lesser citation which puts no points on my license and is cheaper than the speeding ticket would have been. Needless to say, I was much more aware of my speed and the posted limits. Did I mention how much I dislike driving in the summer through PA where the speeds go from 65 (normally posted speeds) to 55 (in twisty-turny areas and construction zones) to 40 (whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?! I know, right?! Total ridiculata!)...all of which extends my 5.5 hour each way drive to WAY LONGER! But, I got her safely and without other incident. So, not bad, just notsogood either!


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