Weight Loss is Weird

If you've never been fat or overweight before, you may not know this fact, but weight (fat) comes on and off our bodies in weird ways. For instance, did you know you could lose weight in your feet? True fact! Some people have been known to drop 1/2 a shoe size. I gain weight all over. I suppose that is what makes it appear that I weigh less than I do or maybe that's just my wild, Viking-descended frame (just kidding...kind of). When I lose weight, as is the case with most women, the belly area is the most resistant to the change. Yet, my wrists seem all too willing to shed the weight. Wrists? Really? Anyway, each time seems to be a little different as I lose weight depending on the method I employ.

Last time I reached my goal (April 2009-Feb 2011--112# lost, YEA!), I did a lot of interval training, yoga, and running. I need to get back to that because that is where my body reshaping through exercise and that burn really accentuated and enhanced what I was doing with my diet. For whatever reason, I always start off better nutritionally and then get to the exercise part. Right now, I am a sporadic exerciser (much better when I travel for work--what else is there to do?) and a good eater. I could probably up the veggies in my diet and reduce the fruit consumption, but fruit is my only sugar so give this sugar addict a break, p-lease! For a while, I had stopped having dairy because I wasn't sure if it was having an adverse affect on me or not, but I am adding it in slowly and seeing how things go.

I am in the first week of recording what I am eating since last week I finally lost again (sat around 10#s down for a while)...down 15#s from my 58# regain. OUCH! That hurt to write that here. Yep, maintenance was a hard go for me. I hit my goal and then slowly slipped back into bad habits of the past. This is why understanding why you gain weight--because it 99% mental/in your head--is so important. Additionally, it's important that the habits you're creating are lifestyle habits that can be maintained for the long-term and not just until you hit your goal. For me, realizing that sugar and baked things (white flour) are triggers for my binge eating was a huge struggle. I didn't want it to be true. I had been able to eat it in moderation during my original loss, why not now? My guess is that the why not now answer is that I don't have that control yet. Maybe someday, but I am trying not to press my luck. For now, I will stick with fruit. Smoothie, anyone?

Another way I have found weight loss is weird is in regard to my body shape. I have gone through pics of when I was in the Navy (my thinnest) and after this last round and previous weight loss rounds (yeah, yeah, I'm working on this one being my last-last round...trust me!) to see what my body type is. And I still don't know. I lose weight on top much more easily than on the bottom, I build muscle well and quickly, my upper arms and upper thighs are problem areas, but I have strong legs (quad/hamstrings) and forearms. I used to think I was an apple or maybe a boy shape, but now I am wondering if I am really a pear. Who knows?! It won't keep me up at night wondering, that's for sure. Anyway, weight loss is not easy, not for sissies, takes a lot of work/effort, requires consistency and, most importantly, means you have to keep your head in it all the time. Figure out why you want to do it and remind yourself of this often. Most importantly, remember that you are worth this effort and while the road may be a long one, it's the right one! Stay the course...even when weight loss is weird.


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