Moments and Memories

As I was checking out what is happening in the world today through my Twitter feed--hey, it's 2012, and my feed reflects my interests--where I saw a post from InStyle which sent me to Pinterest to check out some photos. This is starting to feel like, "If you give a mouse a cookie, then...", but it's how the web works for me...or maybe, that's just life. One thing connects to another which connects to another. Or, just my ADHD. Whatever! LOL. Anyway, back to Pinterest...

On Pinterest, I see this bouquet that I think is beautiful:
It has ranunculus flowers in it which appear to be dyed and intermixed with other flowers which are either gold or magenta. While the ranunculus was what grabbed my attention, the wrap took me to another place and time.

Almost 4 years ago now, I was with my sister, Meg, as she prepared to get married. She'd been looking for a very specific flower combination for her bridal bouquet as well as for the ones Renee (her friend) and I would carry. She wanted pink calla lilies. We went everywhere looking for them the day before her wedding to no avail. She dropped my mom and I off and continued to look for them until she had them.

That evening, as we sat around the table together, she bound the lilies and the roses in the bouquet with pink, satin ribbon around the stems. It bunched the bouquet just like the one pictured here. That was a beautiful day and time. I know it seems like a simple memory. A single moment. But what it signified was so many more memories wrapped into that day. Every detail of the wedding was something that Meg picked with reasoning and significance. Less than 5 months later, it had all fallen down. So, for now, I will hold on to the beauty and love and family that existed in that day. In those moments. Even if they're all just memories now.


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