To Know Him

That is what has been lain on my heart. To know Him. Really know Him. Not just in the words. Not just in the mind. Deep in my soul. That's what He's calling me to do. To stop trying to figure out all the rest, but to focus right now on knowing Him.

When my heart was less broken and more burdened, I sought Him in the dark and silence of my room. I was all alone and empty. Searching for more than where I was in that moment. Hoping there was more than this hurt. It was that memory He'd replayed for me one Sunday as we worshiped singing, "Come to me..." He reminded me that when I needed Him the most in my life, He showed up. He always showed up.

Even now, as my heart aches to be loved. To be seen. To be held. He answers. As the tears fall, I know He catches them. When all I want is to climb up into arms that comfort me and a lap that waits to be my perfect fit, His welcomes me. The little girl that once sat at His feet feeling not worthy to be in loved like this now knows that His love is the kind that some wait for their entire life. The kind that is free to all willing to accept it. His love envelopes me. Warms me. Frees me. 

I no longer believe that I am not enough for I am reminded that I was worth dying for. Even though I don't deserve His love, His grace, His mercy, I am lavished with it. He chose me. Called me to Him. Showed me His heart. Whispered...

Come to me, I’m all you need.

Come to me, I’m everything.
Come to me, I’m all you need.
Come to me, I’m your everything.


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